“Starting our 3 yr old daughter at Eliza-Jane’s School of Dance was the best thing we ever did for her confidence, even her pre- school carers have noticed a remarkable difference. She absolutely loves her classes and she has met some beautiful little ballet friends. I too have met some lovely ballet mums, the whole environment is very friendly and fun.”



“My girls thoroughly enjoy their time at dancing and look forward to seeing you every week. You are a wonderful teacher with such a kind heart. Such a blessing for me to see their happiness and excitement after each lesson.”



“My daughter ADORES her ballet class, thank you for making her first dance class so special. We were so blown away with how well the concert was organised. Each and every child felt special on the day and they have you to thank for it.”



“I would like to congratulate you on the beautiful concert yesterday. It was very organized, on time and good taste in costumes and choreography.”



“We are so pleased to have found a dance school that is age appropriate. I love seeing my daughter learn to dance in a fun and safe environment. Thanks Eliza-Jane.”



“I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful introduction to dance you gave my daughter last year. She thoroughly enjoyed every single dance class and came out on a ‘high’ every Monday! She has been dancing and putting on ‘shows’ since the concert too.
Congratulations on a well run and professional end of year concert, and particular congratulations and thanks for the care and concern you had for the little ones and the procedures you put in place to make it run so incredibly smoothly & safely”



“We love our dance lessons at Eliza-Jane’s School Of Dance. The teachers are so friendly and we feel really comfortable leaving our girls there”



“Well done on your amazing organisation of the concert! It was well structured and all the work you put into behind the scenes was excellent!”



“Thank you for a wonderful first term of dance. I’m so thrilled to see my daughter so happy at your dance classes after she was so worried about starting at a new dance school.
Thank you for your dedication, beautiful calm nature, friendly smile and professionalism.”


“Thanks you so much for teaching dancing for our daughter and giving her the opportunity to shine. Indeed it was a big movement in her life and gave her so much self confidence to develop her talents.”


“Yesterday when I picked up my daughter, I said ‘Did you enjoy your dance lesson?’ she replied ‘ I don’t like dance Mum, I LOVE IT!’ 😊She said she feels like a real ballerina now. Thank you.”