Pre Schoolers and Pre School Boys

This class is a 45 minute combination class for the preschoolers, who are just starting to show an interest in dance. It gives the students a taste of Jazz, Ballet and Tap so, as they get older, they can really focus on what they enjoy most. The class is taught in a fun, safe and nurturing environment where the students are encouraged to explore their love and passion for dance.

We start the class off with a game so that the children feel comfortable and warm up to the environment. We then move onto Jazz and Ballet and the stretching component using our imaginations to make it fun. We practice the basics of Ballet, such as plies, points, turns and skips. We incorporate props into our activities and always encourage the students to use their imaginations by linking a movement to a certain object that will help them remember that step. The girls and boys can also bring their favorite toy to the class so that we can skip and dance around the toy. Then it’s time to change into our tap shoes and we start tap, tap tapping! They love making lots of noise and being as noisy as they can with their special tap shoes. We practice the basic tap steps such as shuffles and taps. We then practice travelling steps such as toe heel and running on tippy toes. A favorite game of the young ones is the rhythm game where they practice creating clap combinations for their friends in the class to copy.

The pre schoolers also have the opportunity of performing their Jazz/Ballet and Tap dance routines in the concert. They are the highlight of the show! We pick a fun song and a very cute costume for them and they absolutely love getting up on stage, dancing around and then getting the biggest applause from the audience.

The music is lots of fun and the students are always happy to hear songs from their favorite shows and movies.

Attire for this class is the navy Eliza-Jane dress, pink stockings, pink ballet shoes, tan tap shoes and a navy cross over in winter.

We are also introducing in 2019 to the Hills District a boys only pre school class. The boys will learn basic hip hop and jazz as well as lots of fun games!


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