Tapping is loud, fast and fun! Our tap classes teach the students rhythm and musicality which is great to know for general life, but most importantly, this needs to be known for all styles of dance. We practice the skill of tapping in perfect time to the music as well as clapping in time. The students are also taught co-ordination and how to have speed and be light on their feet.

The class starts with warm ups of the ankles to avoid injury. The students then work on the basics at the barre. They execute taps, shuffles, etc. We then teach the students some fun combinations. Each student may be at a different level, so we ensure that they have something to focus on. Each combination can be built on for the advanced kids and also made a little easier for the kids that are a bit newer to the world of tapping. Travelling tap steps are also taught from the corner. We find that the kids love this class because they get to make lots of noise and get all their energy out through movement and sound.

These combinations and travelling steps are then put together into sequences for the dance routines. We use fun music that is catchy, such as some good old music from the past and up-to-date music, that the kids love hearing on their favorite TV shows. All music is appropriate! Please read more about how important age appropriateness is to us on this page.

The students should wear the studio uniform and tan tap shoes. Our classes are kept to manageable sizes so the students can have one-on-one time with the teachers to really get the most out of the lesson.


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