Jazz is fast and upbeat and the most common style of dance seen on TV, in film clips, and in pop concerts.

We dance to the latest upbeat music heard on the radio as well as some of the good oldies from the 80s and 90s. For the younger students, we find fun and funky music from their favorite TV shows, TV channels and movies so that they can sing along whilst they dance. All our music is edited and monitored to ensure that it is age appropriate as well as our choreography.

During the Jazz classes, we help students with their fitness and strength levels. The class starts with a cardio segment to ensure that students are warmed up and to avoid injury later in the class. It is also important that students are able to work on their fitness, which helps contribute to a healthy lifestyle. We then move onto strength work for core stability, which is important for dance, as well as all aspects of life. Next is stretching, the students love stretching, which helps with their technique and tricks and accomplishing their dance goals. All technique and flexibility movements are taught with extra care and caution to prevent injury. Safety is a big priority for all our teachers, in all styles of dance.

At the end of Jazz, a short routine is taught that we build on every week. This gives the students the opportunity to go home and practice (and show their family) the choreography, so that they can come back the next week ready to learn more! In terms 1 and 2 we prepare for our mid year concert and in terms 3 and 4 the big end of year concert. Parents are invited to come into class at the end of term 1 and 3.

The dance school’s uniform and Jazz shoes should be worn.

Age appropriateness, safety and fun are very important to us! Our classes are kept to manageable sizes so that the students can have one-on-one time with the teachers to really get the most out of the lesson.


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