Classical Ballet

Classical Ballet is the foundation for all styles of dance. Our classes focus on posture, technique and strength and the lessons learnt can be taken into the students other classes, as well as into everyday life (having good posture is a great attribute to have as we grow older). Our class programs start with a warm up and stretch. We then move onto the barre , and work on movements such as plies and battement tendus and how to correctly execute steps so that the students are ready to dance in the centre without the support of the barre. Centre work is next and there are a variety of movements we work on.

We follow the Ballet Australasia Limited syllabus (B.A.L), which then allows students to complete their exams each year (optional). B.A.L offers the Beginners syllabus for the 5 and 6 year olds and this is great for the little ones as they begin to develop their love and passion for dance. They are taught the basics of Ballet in a fun and safe environment, whilst incorporating character dances such as fairies and rabbits. They love it! B.A.L then offers the grades Pre Primary, Primary, Grades 1 – 5, Pre Elementary, Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced. Students can come along to these classes for fun or, for those a little more serious, they can work towards their exams without the pressure and stress of competitiveness. The syllabus is fun, challenging and inspiring. Our highly trained teachers can advise and give tips to the students along the way, so that they learn about the body and blossom into beautiful ballerinas. Students are also taught Ballet theory during the class so they can understand the origin of ballet, the French words and really absorb and grasp the concepts.

We ensure that all Ballet movements are taught with precision and we explain the reasons that we do things so that students learn how to dance safely and to protect their bodies. We teach the younger students the muscles and bones with fun games such as ‘Simon Says’, so as they get older, they are very aware of their bodies and know the correct terminology. The students love learning the names of the body parts!

Ballet helps with body awareness, spatial awareness and balance. Students also learn to dance and hold themselves with poise and grace and they learn different dynamics that their body uses when they dance.

In Ballet, a leotard, stockings, skirt and ballet shoes are worn. Please visit the attire page for more detail.

The music we use in class is beautiful, classical music and by the end of the year, all the students are humming away to the soothing tunes. Parents are also invited into the lessons in Terms 1 and 3 to see the progress of the students. Please click here for more info on parent’s week.

In terms 1 and 2 we work towards our mid year concert and in terms 3 and 4, we begin our concert routine for our big end-of-year concert! Please click here for more information on the concert.

Our classes are kept to manageable sizes so that the students can have one-on-one time with the teachers, ensuring that they really get the most out of the lesson.


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