The students absolutely love our Acro classes. The class challenges, motivates, encourages and inspires students to conquer their fears and try something new! Acro is so much fun and, as all parents have probably realized, kids love cartwheeling and tumbling everywhere, so why not put them into a safe and structured class where they can develop their skills further.

We use mats to safely teach all our Acrobatics. Every class starts with a fun warm up game to make sure the students are warm and to also get them comfortable and ready for the exciting class that is ahead. Students also stretch before attempting tricks. Our classes are kept small so that students are able to have one-on-one time with the teacher and the teacher can really work with each individual at their level. The classes consist of different experience levels and the teacher adapts each movement to suit each child. The students will learn to cartwheel, round off, backbend, walk over and so much more! It is a huge accomplishment when a student achieves a goal or a trick that they have been working on and we celebrate this in class.

Students should wear the studio uniform and tan jazz shoes (please see attire page).


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