Dance Styles – Hills District Dance Schools

Classical Ballet

Ballet is the foundation to all styles of dance and provides a solid grounding for all students; focusing on technique, posture and strength. The B.A.L (Ballet Australasia Limited) syllabus will be followed, which will then allow students to complete exams at the end of each grade (this is optional however). This syllabus focuses on practical ballet, as well as a small amount of theory which helps with understanding the terminology. B.A.L consists of Beginners, Pre Primary, Primary, Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5, Pre Elementary, Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced. Once an exam is passed, the student will move onto the next grade. Students will be grouped together by skill level and age. Ballet classes will be 45-60 minutes, depending on the grade of ballet.


Jazz is the most common style of dance, seen in video clips, and in pop concerts. It is very upbeat and teaches students a sense of rhythm and coordination. Jazz classes will include warm ups that focus on stretching to gain flexibility and strength combinations of technical jumps and flexibility movements that will be taught carefully to prevent injury, and at the end of class a dance will be taught.


Contemporary is a modern day version and a twist on classical ballet. It includes floor work and tricks that will be safely taught to the students. A story line is often used as a motif in contemporary dances and emotion is a major part of it. There are different styles of contemporary, including: lyrical and abstract. Similarly to classical ballet, contemporary improves technique and strength. Contemporary is a very popular style, seen a lot on “so you think you can dance”.


Tap teaches the students, rhythm, combinations, coordination and speed. Tap classes will include teaching the students technical combinations and then putting these combinations and sequences into a dance in a creative way.

Hip Hop and Boys Only Classes

Hip Hop is an urban, street style form of dance that will be taught to current Hip Hop and R&B music such as Usher and Chris Brown. It is free, funky and students will learn to add their own style or ‘flavour’ to the dance combinations they will learn. Hip Hop is very individual and a good, easy form of exercise.

We offer a boys only hip hop class at Pennant Hills and a boys only pre school class at Kellyville

Pre Schoolers

This class runs for 45 minutes and gives the pre schoolers a taste of jazz, ballet and tap. This class is for ages 3 ½ – 5. These 3 styles of dance are taught in a fun and safe environment using props and the student’s own favourite toys that they will bring to class each week. Music is fun and from their favourite TV shows and movies.


The students absolutely love our Acro classes. The class challenges, motivates, encourages and inspires students to conquer their fears and try something new! Acro is so much fun and, as all parents have probably realized, kids love cartwheeling and tumbling everywhere, so why not put them into a safe and structured class where they can develop their skills further.

Dance with me

A new class where we would love to offer children with special needs a fun and safe place to dance with their parent or guardian.

Mums and Bubs

A beautiful new class starting where our mothers are able to join in the sweet and fun class with their babies. A great class for 1 1/2 – 2 1/2 year olds focusing on the very basics of dance, movement, and music.

Adult JFH

We want to welcome all adults, including our dance mums and dads, to put on their shoes and come along for a groove! This class focuses on Jazz, Funk and Hip Hop.


We'd love to meet you have you try out a class for free.