YPAD certification

Miss Eliza-Jane is now certified in age appropriate dance through YPAD – Youth Protection Advocates in Dance.

“YPAD Certification provides education on the latest cutting edge research from industry experts, PhD. specialists and dance leaders on the emotional, physical, and sexual safety of youth in all dance environments. This training assures that we strive for accountability and integrity in all aspects of dance and we believe in keeping our youth happy, healthy and safe in dance.”

What does age appropriate dance mean to Eliza-Jane’s School Of Dance?

  1. We focus on ensuring all music that is played has no suggestive or inappropriate themes or lyrics
  2. We spend time picking all our costumes to make sure they don’t expose the children too much
  3. When creating choreography for the classes, we make sure each movement is carefully thought through so that when children perform, they are not dancing like adults or in an overly sexualised way

Let’s keep our kids as kids!