The 14th of December was a big day for us! It began at 7am, as we arrive at the venue to set up and get everything ready for photo morning and our stage rehearsal. At 8am, all the students started arriving in their beautiful costumes and ready for their photos. Our teachers and photographer did a wonderful job of running photo morning, it ran so smoothly and to schedule. All the boys and girls got to have a photo in front of a backdrop in their special dance costumes!

At 9am, all the students arrived for the big stage rehearsal! This rehearsal also ran so smoothly and it was great for the students to have the opportunity to practice their routines on stage while the teachers supported and encouraged them so that the performance would be the best it can!

All the dance families then went home for a rest before our concert began! We had lots of set up to do to get the venue looking beautiful and organised for everyone. We pride ourselves on the very organised and structured concert that we run. We have excellent systems and procedures to ensure the safety of students. We have quick change over times between our routines to ensure the audience aren’t waiting for us. The whole concert was beautiful! The students danced so well and the costumes glistened and sparkled on stage! This year at our concert we had a school theme. We told a story through a few dance classes about being at school. We had a group that was ‘in the classroom’, ‘an exam group’, ‘girls and boys at recess’, ‘the sport team’, ‘cliques’ and a ‘graduating group’. We ended this section with all the students on stage and a song about finishing school and going on summer holidays!

A highlight of the concert this year, was seeing some of our students with stage fright, get up on stage and dance their hearts out! Seeing students confidence develop is one of our favourite parts about being a teacher! It is also a highlight to award our big perpetual trophies to 3 hard working students.

Thank you to everyone who came to support us! We hope you enjoyed the show!