Eliza-Jane Scheeringa (M.B.A.L Teaching Cert. 3 Ballet) is the founder and principal of Eliza-Jane’s School Of Dance® in Kellyville at William Clarke College, which was founded in 2011. She then opened a second studio in Pennant Hills at St Agatha’s Catholic Primary School in 2014. And will open a third studio in Toongabbie in 2019.

Since the age of 4, she has devoted her time to her passion of dance. Eliza-Jane is trained and experienced in: Jazz, Contemporary, Classical Ballet, Hip Hop and Tap. She has also been teaching these styles of dance since the age of 15. Eliza-Jane performed in and won many eistedfords over the years, as well as receiving ‘Honours’ in classical ballet exams under the syllabus B.A.L.

During 2011, Eliza-Jane performed as a dancer in Premier Entertainment’s ‘Lady Gaga Tribute Show’. To keep up to date with all the latest choreography and new ideas, Eliza-Jane takes regular classes at Sydney Dance Company, being taught by choreographers from ‘So You Think You Can Dance’.

She has also studied ‘M.B.A.L Teaching Certificate III’ in ballet teaching. And is currently undertaking the next level, Certificate IV. Eliza-Jane regularly attends business and life workshops and conferences from the world’s leading speakers and thoroughly enjoys gaining more knowledge in these areas.

Eliza-Jane teaches dance in sport lessons at local schools as well as for extra curricular, and has therefore earned herself an excellent reputation in the community.

Eliza-Jane’s passion has developed over the years to teach age appropriate dance and had built an excellent business around this value. Eliza-Jane is now proudly certified as an age appropriate dance teacher through YPAD and is dedicated to keeping children safe in dance.