We are looking for mothers to volunteer to be part of our crew. All volunteers need a Working with Children Check. Please let us know asap if you are willing to help. Thank you in advance!!




Parent’s week

There is no parent’s week this term due to the concert except for the mums and bubs class where the final week will be open week and award week (no concert for mums and bubs). Parents are also invited into the last 10 minutes of all other classes for the trophy presentations J



Dates for 2019
Term 4 finish – Friday 13th December
Ticket Selling – Trybooking – release date – Saturday 9th November at 3pm (link to follow)
Stage rehearsal – Saturday 14th December – 9am – 12pm (timetable to follow on teamapp)
Photo day – Saturday 14th December – 8am – 1pm (timetable to follow on teamapp)
Concert – Saturday 14th December – 4pm – 6:30pm
Photo day purchasing – after the concert online
DVD purchasing – anytime through Teamapp or Trybooking



Ticket Selling
Tickets will be released on Trybooking at 3pm on Saturday 9thNovember. There will be a link to follow…

There is set seating so don’t forget that if you buy your tickets in two lots, your whole party won’t be sitting together.

Tickets are $31.35 for adults (13 years and above) and $15.40 for children (2 years – 12 years old).

No refunds.




Trophy week
During the last week of term we will be awarding the students trophies during class. Parents and friends are invited into the last 10 minutes of their child’s first class of the week to see the students receive the trophies.

All students will win a trophy during this week. At the concert, it will still be a surprise as to who wins the special perpetual trophies J

Perpetual winners from the year before will receive their replacement trophy in their first class of the week to. They will also be called up on stage at the concert and recognized as the previous perpetual winners and will get to pass the trophy on to the new winners.

The teacher will give a short speech about each child in class to celebrate their achievements from the year! Students will then be able to take a photo with their trophy in front of our backdrops.

We are excited to try a more personalised award giving system J



Video at the concert
The cost of the end of year concert DVD will be $40 and these are available to buy on Teamapp now and Trybooking in NovemberJ

There is no videography or photography permitted by the audience.



Uniform selling at the stage rehearsal
We will have a uniform store set up between 9am – 12pm in dressing room 2 during the stage rehearsal and photos. This is located behind the sound desk (access is from outside the MPC). This will be the only opportunity to get uniforms and ballet shoes for 2020! After this, uniforms won’t be ready until the end of term 1! Don’t miss out!



Stage rehearsal – morning of the concert
The stage rehearsal is on the 14th of December starting at 9am at Pacific Hills in the MPC. Please check the timetable for your child’s dance routine schedule. This will be uploaded to teamapp.

EVERYONE MUST ATTEND and normal dance attire should be worn.

Parents will drop their child backstage to the left hand side of the stage,2 dance routines before their own. The programs will be on the seat so you can follow along with what we are up to. Bring drink bottles backstage if in more than 1 dance and also bring tap shoes if you have a tap routine so shoes can be changed backstage.

We will look after the students side stage and do our warm ups. Most of the student’s dances will be grouped together so they will do all of their dances at once (or the majority of their dances). Once they have finished, parents need to pick up their child from outside on the right hand side.

Please make sure you bring your child’s epipens and inhalers.


Canteen on the 14th of December
There will be a canteen available all day on the 14th of December! This is located at the back of the MPC in the back corner. Everyone is welcome to buy drinks and snacks throughout the stage rehearsal and concert J

Please bring cash.



Second hand uniform at the stage rehearsal

During the stage rehearsal, there will be tables set up so that parent’s can buy and sell second hand uniforms for next year. Please come with your uniform washed and folded in a bag, a price, your name and your number so potential buyers can contact you J




Don’t forget to join us on teamapp if you haven’t done so already! All the info for the concert will be uploaded to here instead of emails!



Photos – morning of the concert
This year we have our backdrop photos on the 14th of December starting at 8am. Please check the timetable on teamapp for your child’s photo timeslot. All students are expected to attend this.

The photos will be in dressing room 1, the first classroom attached to the MPC. You will drop off and pick up your child at the door on the outside (not the one connected into the MPC).

A teacher will collect and organise the students outside the room before their photo, and another teacher will be in the room with the photographer organising the photos.

We ask that parents wait outside so as soon as the photos are done, you can collect your child.

A lot of students will have quick changes so the dressing rooms are right across the balcony (dressing room 3), or you can use the downstairs bathrooms. If using the dressing rooms, please make sure you have the body stocking on for safety and privacy.

Photos can be purchased after the concert online. They always turn out so beautifully! More details to follow…



Shoes needed for the concert

Jazz – TAN jazz shoes Ballet – PINK ballet shoes Tap – TAN tap shoes Hip Hop – Joggers Boys – Black or tan shoes



The concert is on Saturday the 14th December, 4pm – about 6:30pm in the MPC at Pacific Hills. The doors will open at 3:30pm. Students with the surnames beginning A – M will get signed in at 3:30 and surnames O – Z signed in at 3:40.

Students must arrive in their first costume with hair and make up already done before signing in.

Students will be signed in to their dressing room (see document on teamapp) at the start of the concert, will get ready in here throughout the concert, get to play games and hang out with their friends, practice their routines before going on stage, spend time with their teachers (teachers can help with calming nerves to), and then will be signed out from here after the concert.

We feel this system will mean safer supervision during the concert and getting backstage, a faster process for signing in and out, the students can hang out with their friends without having to stay quiet for 2 hours (which has been a challenge in the past years), and makes the system easier and quicker for us teachers and the students with all the transitioning to and from the stage!

We will end our concert with a finale where all the students (except pre schoolers) will be invited on to stage for their final act. We will then acknowledge and thank the teachers, award our 5 year golden group certificates and award the perpetual trophiesJ

It is compulsory that all students stay until the end of the finale and are not signed out early. We want to create a community where everyone is there to encourage the award winners and you don’t want to leave early incase your child is the winner!

It is also important that the last performers of the afternoon, who have waited patiently the whole concert for their turn, still have the audience there to watch them and get the same encouragement as the very first performers

of the afternoon!



Sign in and out for the concert

Each student will be assigned a dressing room that will be a number and a colour. This info will be uploaded to teamapp. Students with surnames A- M will be signed in at 3:30 and surnames O-Z signed in at 3:40.

Parents will drop the students at the door and the volunteers will welcome students in. Parents will receive a ticket number that will be returned at sign out. Students will also receive a coloured stamp on their wrist to they remember what colour dressing room they are in.

We will have toilet breaks throughout the concert, but please make sure the students have gone to the toilet before signing in.

After the finale, we will allow 5 – 10 minutes for the students to get back to their dressing rooms and then the students will be able to be signed out.A-M surnames will be signed out first and then O-Z. Parents will hand over the sign out ticket at the door and the students will be brought to the door.




Please write your child’s name on every item and check every little piece is in their bag before you come to the concert! Every year there is always missing shoes, costumes, hair accessories… and we want the students to look great up on stage! J

Please also follow the costume note (uploaded to teamapp) very carefully.


Please pack water and snacks for your children as well. NO GLASS BOTTLES OR NUTS. Please also type out a little note for your child with

the order of their dance and put it in their bag. The volunteers will all have lists and detailed notes of costumes and students in each routine, but it’s helpful for the students to know as well.



Pre schoolers at the concert

Pre schoolers will be signed in and out the same way as the other students. However sign out for them will be in the intermission. They can then sit with parents for the rest of the concert.



Tan body stockings
It is compulsory for all students in more than 1 dance to wear a tan body stocking under their costumes. This is to ensure the safety of students, to make the dressing rooms as safe as we possibly can for everyone and to ensure the privacy of students. With the tan body stockings, every student will always be clothed at every point of the concert, as they will have their stockings on and a tan body stocking under their costumes.

We know it is an extra cost, but hope that you will appreciate how important safety is to us and it’s another measure to take for the students to have the safest and best experience at the concert.

These can be purchased on teamapp for $24.59. Male body stockings will need to be purchased from Bloch or Centre Stage.

We are also selling tan and pink stockings for $16.50 on teamapp.

There is limited stock for both these items. Once you have placed the order, they will be delivered to your child in class.