Age Appropriate Dance School in the Hills District

Eliza-Jane Scheeringa is proudly certified through YPAD in age appropriate dance.

At Eliza-Jane’s School of Dance®, our Pennant Hills, Toongabbie and Kellyville dance classes focus on age appropriate dance. It is very important to us that all costumes, music and choreography are age appropriate for our students. We value a child’s innocence and think it is so important that children are not forced to grow up too quickly by how they move their body, what they wear or what they listen to. We also think it is important that parents are comfortable with leaving their children with us and that they have confidence in our teachers, that they are influencing their children in a positive and healthy way. We want to provide a safe and age appropriate dance school for all the Hills District children.

musicAge Appropriate Music

We spend a lot of time on reading all the lyrics of every song we use. Some songs may never make the cut if they are very explicit but others may just need some tweaking and editing. There is a lot of great music out there with some amazing beats, that we want the kids to be able to dance to so, we are more than happy to take the time to edit these songs to ensure the absolute best experience for the kids, while ensuring that the parents are also comfortable.

costumesAge Appropriate Costumes

There are lots of options out there for dance concert costumes – some appropriate and some not so appropriate. We take the time to find the best and most appropriate for the students to wear (that also doesn’t break the bank for parents). We focus on the style and design being cool and applicable to the dance, but most importantly appropriate to the child’s age and not exposing too much skin. All students must wear stockings as well.

choreographyAge Appropriate Choreography

We are very careful with how we create our dance routines. There are certain movements that we don’t put into our choreography and we take care in teaching students how to move their bodies. All teachers research and create the coolest ideas and bring these to class in an appropriate way. We create interesting formations and love bringing our ideas to the students!


We want to make a difference in the dance industry by trying to change the way this world encourages children to grow up too quickly. As you have probably already noticed, there are a lot of inappropriate behaviors out there, with young children moving their bodies in ways they shouldn’t and wearing tiny costumes that do not cover much. We want to ensure that we are different to those dance schools by really focusing on this issue and making sure we provide a safe place that values our children’s innocence, childhood and protection.


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