Parents Page for Kellyville Dance, Pennant Hills Dance and Toongabbie Dance

2019 dates for Hills District Dance

  • Uniform selling day and DVD pick up– Saturday 2ndFebruary – 9am – 12pm – St Agatha’s


  • Dancing starts at Kellyville– Monday 4thFebruary
  • Dancing starts at Toongabbie– Tuesday 12thFebruary
  • Dancing starts at Pennant Hills– Monday 18thFebruary
  • End of term 1– Saturday 13thApril


  • Holiday workshops for all students from the 3 locations– 25thApril – Pennant Hills – taking bookings now!
  • Holiday workshops for all students from the 3 locations– 26thApril – Kellyville – taking bookings now!


  • Start term 2– Monday 29thApril
  • Combined performance team rehearsals for Pennant Hills and Kellyville at Kellyville– 18thand 25thMay – Time TBC – All students must attend for blocking routines with the other groups for our mini show so please mark the date in your diary
  • Queen’s birthday– Monday 10thJune – No dancing
  • Mid Year Concert for all students from the 3 locations– 15thJune – 4pm – 6pm – PHCS
  • Dress up week for all students from the 3 locations– 17th– 22ndJune in class time
  • Bring a friend week for all students from the 3 locations– 24th– 29thJune in class time
  • End of term 2– 29thJune


  • Holiday workshops for all students from the 3 locations– 16thJuly – Pennant Hills – taking bookings now!
  • Holiday workshops for all students from the 3 locations– 17thJuly – Kellyville – taking bookings now!


  • Start term 3– 22ndJuly
  • Extra ballet exam lessons for Pennant Hills and Kellyville students– every Saturday in September – times and location TBC but exam students must attend so please mark the dates in your diary
  • End of term 3– 28thSeptember


  • Holiday workshops for all students from the 3 locations– 7thOctober – Pennant Hills – taking bookings now!
  • Holiday workshops for all students from the 3 locations– 8thOctober – Kellyville – taking bookings now!


  • Start term 4– 14thOctober Kellyville and Toongabbie and 21st October for Pennant Hills
  • Ballet exams for students in Kellyville and Pennant Hills– Mid October – TBC
  • Mums and Bubs open day and medal awarding– 7th December in class time
  • Trophy week for all students from the 3 locations– 7th– 13thDecember in class time – parents, family and friends are invited into the last 10 minutes of class
  • Stage rehearsal and dress rehearsal for all students from the 3 locations– 14thDecember – 9am – 12pm••• – Pacific Hills MPC
  • Photo day for all students from the 3 locations– 14thDecember – 8am – 1pm
  • Concert for all students from the 3 locations– 14thDecember – 4pm – 6:30pm – Pacific Hills MPC


  • Performance team for Pennant Hills and Kellyville dates –updated throughout the year


  • ••Students must attend stage rehearsal to perform in the concert



Medication in class

Please make sure you bring your child’s medication (puffers, epipens, etc) to class each week. If you would prefer for the teacher to look after this rather than having it in your child’s bag, we are more then happy to help. We have first aid kids but don’t carry epipens or puffers. In saying this, all our teachers are first aid trained and certified so are able to assist the students in administering their medications if needed.


Viewing of classes

All parents are invited to view classes from:

– the windows/door when class is in the room at St Agatha’s

– the doors when class is in the hall at St Agatha’s

– the glass door when class is at William Clarke

– the doors from the MPC at Toongabbie



Parent’s week

Parent’s week will be at the end of term 1 and 3. All parents, grandparents and friends are invited to come and be a part of the classes. Certificates will be awarded to a few students each term. When videoing classes at any time, please zoom in so only your child is in the frame.  Parent’s week will no longer be at the end of term 2 due to our mid year concert.

Trophy week

7th– 13thDecember in class time. Parents are invited into the last 10 minutes of the classes to see the children receive their awards. Each child will receive 1 trophy in 1 of their classes. Children will receive their trophy in their FIRST CLASS OF THE WEEK.  As the dance school is growing, especially with expanding to Toongabbie, the concert is getting slightly longer each year as well as there being more students to receive trophies so we are trying to cut down the concert length by awarding the trophies during class.



Mums and Bubs dance classes in the Hills District 

We are so excited to offer this fun and sweet class to the Hills District area. Mums are invited to come and dance with their 1 – 2 year olds. The classes will be themed. There will be props to play and dance with, games, beautiful music and an opportunity for the little ones to begin to learn the basics of dance.

These students won’t participate in the concerts, as they are so little. However, they will have an open week during their last lesson each term where friends and family can come and watch. They will receive a special medal in term 4.




Instead of chocolate fundraising as we have done in the past, there will be a $15 trophy fee added to the term 4 invoices per child. I hope this is a better solution for everyone, instead of having to worry about selling all those chocolates!



Concert DVDs

Our videographers will be providing excellent quality DVDs of the whole concert. The cost of the DVD will be $55. However, the early bird rate will be just $47 for those that get their order in and pay in full by the 1st December 🙂 I do highly recommend ordering a DVD. They are such a beautiful memory for the kids to look back on. And I know that they also love watching all the other dance routines and learning them in the lounge room! I know this from personal experience as I still love getting out all of my old dance DVDs and reminiscing with my family.


Exciting changes for Hills District Dance School in 2019

  1. Timetable! – All styles of dance for each age group on the same day (except ballet and acro as these are more specialist teachers) at Kellyville dance classes and Pennant Hills dance classes.
  2. Mid year concert! – This will be a smaller scale concert with costs kept lower. Students will wear studio uniforms and the ticket prices will be lower. We are so excited for the students to have more performing opportunities and to give the students and teachers something to work towards in term 1 and 2 🙂
  3. Make up lessons! – If students miss a class due to holiday, sickness, injuries, etc… they will be able to attend any class throughout the week to make up for their missed lesson at Kellyville dance and Pennant Hills dance!
  4. Performance teams! – All students will be invited to join this. To keep consistent with what our values are and what we want the studio to be, we want everyone to have the opportunity to be in the teams 🙂 We also want to ‘step up’ our fete performances by creating mini shows. The plan is to have each team perform at least 2 routines in the show. They will have a main costume and then add an accessory or prop to each routine. We are excited for this!

Private lesson vouchers

A special dance lesson designed just for your child! The vouchers are $50 and could be used as a gift for your child or their friends. Your child will get to pick the style of dance and the song and then will learn a short routine that was choreographed just for them!


The gates at William Clarke are locked every night. This is to ensure a safe environment for the students as they go to the bathrooms outside. Please make sure you come to class on time so that the teacher only has to make one trip out to open the gates in between each class.

YPAD certified in age appropriate dance – best dance school in the Hills District 

Miss Eliza-Jane is proud to say that she is now certified through YPAD in age appropriate dance.

“YPAD Certification provides education on the latest cutting edge research from industry experts, PhD. specialists and dance leaders on the emotional, physical, and sexual safety of youth in all dance environments. This training assures we strive for accountability and integrity in all aspects of dance and we believe in keeping our youth happy, healthy and safe in dance.” – YPAD

Active kids and Creative kids provider in the Hills District for dance 

We accept these vouchers to put towards your dance fees.


We use teamapp for our dance school! It’s a great and easy way to keep up to date. When information is sent out, you receive a notification to check your teamapp and see what the latest it. Download it from the app store, search for Eliza-Jane’s School Of Dance, sign up, and request access to students and parents.


5 year golden group

When students have reached 5 consecutive years with us, they receive a special award at the concert 🙂 We want to recognise and show our appreciation to those that have been part of the family for a long time.



No running

Please make sure your child waits quietly before their class starts and leaves quietly at the end. At St Agatha’s we haven’t hired the hall and at William Clarke we haven’t hired the sports centre, so shouldn’t be running around in these areas.